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Sourdough starter kit 10 pieces.

Sourdough starter kit 10 pieces.

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Rattan Natural 100%

                     SOURDOUGH KIT 10 PIECES.

-Enhance your Sourdough baking journey with our complete Sourdough Kit, consisting of 10 Essential Pieces. As a seasoned store with more than 5 years of experience in providing top-tier products, we appreciate your support.

-Whether you are a dedicated dough enthusiast or a passionate entrepreneur in the baking industry, our store offers a variety of solutions ideal for your profession.

The Sourdough Large Kit includes:

1- 10" Inch Oval Banneton Rattan 100% Natural – Crafted to perfection, this round banneton provides the ideal shape for your sourdough creations.

2- Linen Lining: Experience the ultimate in softness and functionality with our linen lining, designed to accompany the banneton.

3- 8" Inch Dough Mixer: Mix your dough effortlessly with our reliable and durable dough mixer.

4- 5 Extra Blades and Lame Pan 7.5"· Inch long - Achieve precise scoring and professional-looking designs with our high-quality blades and lame pan.

5- Spoon: Eco-friendly wooden spoon with beautiful design. 9" Inch long.

-Don't miss out on this extraordinary 10-piece combo, specially selected to enhance your sourdough cooking experience.

-Thank you for supporting our mass-centric world.

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-This Set DONT INCLUDES STAMP Handmade with love!

-Thanks and enjoy this!

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