About Us


Let's talk a bit about us:

We originate from Venezuela and ventured into the United States in 2018. We decided to embark on our own path by marketing handmade products with the purpose of helping many people and making their work easier, whether for commercial purposes or simply for those who want to make their own dough at home and share a pizza with friends. We have been leading this market for 5 years now, with over 5,000 sales on platforms like Etsy. Every step we take is aimed at achieving the complete satisfaction of our customers.



To offer our customers excellent quality products that will make their work easier at reasonable prices, ensuring maximum satisfaction through personalized and attentive service.



To be leaders in handmade product innovation, focusing on fully satisfying our customers' needs.

Values Passion and love in every product. Constant creativity and innovation. Responsibility. Close and effective communication with customers. Honesty and commitment.