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Mango Peeler Machine Manual.

Mango Peeler Machine Manual.

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Mango peeler machine MADE WITH STAINLESS STEEL 304.

Is popular as seen in shopping malls to make your delicious mango salad, whether you are entertaining guests or simply want to make your own snack it is the perfect treat.

It makes your Job Easier. SALAD MANGO!

This great tool is made of 304 stainless steel, which means that, this type of steel is specially intended for food handling, it has a totally hygienic nail displacement screw which makes it work by not working residues and acids the handle and lemon do not rust the machine.

It includes a cutting arm in 6m high resistance acrylic, this is more hygienic because the acrylic does not contaminate the food that is being peeled.

It has 3 high-durability white nylon sprockets.

How to use: place your handle on the blade, anchor the wide part of the handle on the right side, adjust the handle and turn with the crank.

This is an excellent tool perfect for your business, fine mango salads are a beauty with it.

Hygienic, practical, easy to use, easy to clean.

Includes 1 spare blades.

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