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Dough sheeter

Dough Sheeter 12” Inches.

Dough Sheeter 12” Inches.

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Tired of laminating by hand? Here's the solution!

-Efficient, Make your Work Easier. 
-Create Flawless laminated doughs!

Laminating your dough in the kitchen will no longer be a problem, our manual laminator is a great tool that will make your work easier, whether you are laminating pizza, croissants, fondants, cookies and more, You can use it in your business or simply for your own kitchen.

You Package Includes : A Crank or manivela, a steel sheet with its screws and the dough sheeter machine.

Special for dough of : 

-Puff pastry 
-Pizza base and more.

Machine Measurements :

-Long 12" Inch.
-High 11" Inch.
-Countertop 1 3/8" Inch.

Shipments : 

Shipping FREE  to USA.

Delivery time 3-5 Business' day.

We have led this market since 2018, currently with more than 9 thousand sales including all our web sites.


Do you ship to any country? / Hacen envíos a cualquier país?
Yes! We ship to any country.

Si! Hacemos envíos a cualquier país.

Are the rollers adjustable? / Los rodillos son ajustables?
Yes, the rollers are adjustable.

Sí, los rodillos son ajustables.

What is the minimum and maximum thickness with which I can work the dough? / Cual es el mínimo y máximo grosor con el que puedo trabajar la masa?
You can close the rollers up to a minimum of 1mm or open them up to a maximum of 5mm.

Puede cerrar los rodillos hasta un mínimo de 1mm o abrirlos hasta un máximo de 5mm.

What is the material with which both the base and the pinions are made? / Cual es el material con el que está fabricada tanto la base como los piñones?
The material with which our dough sheeters are made is high-density polypropylene, a strong, durable, lightweight, anti-corrosive and hygienic material.

El material con el que están hechas nuestras laminadoras de masa es Polipropileno de alta densidad, material resistente, duradero, liviano, anticorrosivo e higiénico.

What is the size of the space to attach the dough sheeter to my kitchen table or counter? / Cual es la medida del espacio para sujetar la laminadora de masas a la mesa o encimera de mi cocina?
The measurement is 1" 3/8 inches approximately.

La medida es de 1" 3/8 pulgadas aproximadamente.


If you want to see more videos or information, visit us on our Instagram page @doughsheeter Thanks!

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