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Black Walnut Dough Slasher.

Black Walnut Dough Slasher.

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Walnut natural wood

Black walnut dough slasher ( Include 5 extra Blades) 

Slash beautiful patterns in dough with this French style knife. Professional bakers use this tool (called a lame - pronounced lahm) to slash loaves before baking to allow rapid dough expansion. This results in a light fluffy bread with crisp aromatic crust.

Each lame is lovingly cut from American black walnut and polished by hand. The brass thumb-nuts make blade replacement quick and easy. The unique design is great for deep cuts and versatile slashing patterns. We carry replacement blades in our shop and shipping will be combined if you order extra with the lame.

Measures: 7.5 Inch Long. 

Color: Brown and gold.

Materials: Walnut Wood.

Razor edge Slash beautiful patterns in raw dough.

Safe storage  Bread lame comes in a small pine box with slide lid for safe storage.

Sustainable Artisan crafted gift for bread lovers.

IG: @doughsheeter 

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